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I am not sure as to how many of you have made New Year resolutions in the past, I certainly have. Did you stick to them? Did they work out for you? Invariably they don’t as time goes by they somehow seem to lose their importance to you.

To have a true resolution you have to think about it, and get it sorted in your head before you even start to commit to it. It is like setting an outcome or a milestone in your life – are these outcomes really what you want? How will you maintain your determination to achieve them? What will you do when you have achieved it?

I have heard people say that they wanted to lose some weight, as they want to look good on their beach holiday. They then set themselves a target to aim to lose 14lbs or 6.35kg. They then start to eat better, cut out certain foods, take more exercise. After a week or so they jump on the weighing scales and deflate themselves as they are nowhere near losing those 14lbs. They are setting themselves up for not reaching their goal – as self doubt creeps in and de-motivates them.

If you look at it in another way, 14lbs or 6.35kg is the target, when do they want to achieve that weight loss? Let’s say they start it on 1st of Jan 2017 and I want to be 14lbs/6.35kg lighter by the 30th of June – which is 6 months. So by doing the math 14lb over 6 months is 2.3lb or 1.06kg’s every month. Here in the UK a standard bag of white sugar is 2.2lb or 1kg, to some they will see an image of the bag of sugar and then start to think this task is not achievable.

A change of Mind Set is key at this point:-

Target by Month (6) = 14lbs is 2.2lbs or 1.06kg to lose per month

Target by Weeks (26) = 0.54lbs or 0.24kg to lose per week

Target by Days (181) = 0.08lbs per day or 0.04kg to lose per day

When looked at in this way, it is very achievable.

So by changing your Mind Set around your Outcome – makes your Outcome a very real possibility. 

Have a Great Day


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Healthy Entrepreneur – Healthy Business

The health of people in a business or organisation is very important. A business is generally described as being ‘healthy’ when it posts good profits. However what about the people running and working in that environment?

I am 55 years old and in my experience we tend to look after and maintain things that are important to us. The $64,000 question is – “What to you do to keep you healthy?” For example most of us own or have access to a vehicle. That vehicle has to be looked after – we put oil, water and petrol in the engine. We may even send it to the garage for a service. In the UK every car has to have an MOT (Ministry of Transport) certificate, to show that the vehicle is healthy. New cars are exempt from this MOT for the first 3 years of its life. This legal requirement forces us to do this annually as without it you cannot tax and insure your vehicle. If we check our cars over every week – we will notice those little scratches – bits of rust, little jobs that can be dealt with there and then. If we do not check the car as often – and only put water in it when a light comes up on the dashboard – you might have more issues with your car than you had first thought.

I used to work for a multinational company, based in the UK, that made food packaging. They had a whole line of machinery that produced packaging 24 hours a day – almost 365 days a year. They would produce 40 x 40 foot trailers of product per day. As you can imagine a very hectic schedule to maintain. They used to run the machines until they broke down. Then the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) of that machine was lowered because of this issue. Down time = lost production = customers are let down.

They then changed their approach as this was clearly not sustainable. They brought in a system where they had diagrams of every machine in the production hall. I am not an engineer – so forgive my terminology – they looked like ‘exploded diagrams’ with all the parts identified and numbered. Every single breakdown was recorded, the part replaced and the part number was also noted. This in time enabled them to build up a picture of what parts would fail after say XXX hours of running that machine. The production planning team then set up a TPM (Total Preventative Maintenance) system and planned into the production schedule TPM downtime to change the part BEFORE it broke. They used my car story to clean down the machines every shift and noted everything – the benefit of this was that they did not get ‘rusty holes in their bodywork’.

Taking this analogy further. There are some of us who maintain our bodies in a similar way – there are some who do not. I am sure, that as you are reading this you will know people who may take vitamins, eat organic food and exercise. This is helping to maintain or TPM our ‘machine’, our body. There are some who do not TPM their bodies and they run and run until they break, the individual becomes ill or worse.

So how does all this fit in with a Healthy Entrepreneur I hear you ask. If you maintain and nourish your mind and brain – you are TPM’ing the whole. Simple things like having a coach or mentor. To make time for yourself to connect with the real you. (That may sound very ‘tree huggy’ – not the case.) We have to evolve and nourish our bodies and mind right through the day. (Lets face it there are some of us that only get time to themselves when we are in the bathroom!). To recognise, and work through those unhelpful behaviours that are getting in the way of you having a better performance at work or with loved ones at home. Just chilling out. This list can go on and on – it will be different for each person. Why? – our individual needs are different. What works for me, will not work for another.

This article on this blog – is just to stimulate your own thoughts and ideas as to what you can do to maintain the wonderful you. I have received coaching and it helped me. So much so 8 years ago I changed my career path to go into 1-2-1 coaching and team development all over the UK. This coaching enabled me to give my old self back to myself. I am a lot happier and more content with life.

So, a healthy entrepreneur, both in mind and body are wonderful attributes to have either for yourself or for your colleagues and co-workers.

Have a great day.

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