Managing Attitude

Directors, Managers and Team Leaders. Have to deal with attitudes on a daily basis. As we all know an ‘attitude’ can have a positive effect as well as a negative one. Generally if someone says about a colleague – s/he has an attitude – it more than likely means they have a negative one.

Attitudes always lead onto how a person behaves – hence a person with a good attitude, comes across as thoughtful, helpful and a good company asset. On the other hand a person with a bad attitude also comes across with a specific behaviour. They can be quite curt with someone, often moody – very unhelpful.

In the private and public sector managing these attitudes and behaviours is quite a skill. The best initial way is to step into that person’s world. See the situation from their eyes – that way you may find a root cause for their conduct. This can be very frustrating for the Director / Manager – you will find that getting curious, not cross is a much better approach.

What are your thoughts on the matter?


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